Ornament Magazine
Maggie Meister Antiquity Amore
By Robin Updike
Issue 36.1
Perlen Poesie Magazine
Maggie's Gold
Issue No. 14
Home & Design Magazine
January/February 2012
Masters: Beadweaving
October 2008
Major Works by Leading Artists
Carol Wilcox Wells
Edited by Ray Hemachandra
Simboli nel Millennni:
Il Nodo di Salomone dal XX Secolo V
Bby Dott. Riccardo Scotti RavennAntica Magazine
September 2005
Il mosaici della Domus diventano gioelli
Beadwork Magazine
October/November 2008
Beadwork Master Class: Beading Antiquity
Beadwork Magazine
February/March 2007
Silvia’s Wedding Necklace
Beadwork Magazine
October/November 2006
In the Shadow of Vesuvius: Exploring Antiquity.
Maggie Meister & Cheryl Cobern-Browne
Royal Peacock Collar,
Maggie Meister