Beadventure Workshops are a wonderful way to explore different cultures and your passion for beads. Days are spent exploring and working with beads along with plenty of laughter. Workshops are offered in Ireland, Cornwall, South Africa and Italy to name just a few. Please visit Beadventures for more information or feel free to email me, with any questions.

September 14-27, 2017
Beadventure in Northern Italy

Venice ~ Murano ~ Ravenna ~ Ferrara ~ Parma ~ Canossa ~ Bologna

I developed this trip based on my love of Ravenna and its mosaics. My research of the region took me further into the Emilia Romagna region in which I discovered so much more about its history, cuisine, and culture. During our Beadventure we will visit the cities of Ravenna (a UNESCO Heritage Site), Bologna (home to the oldest university in Western Europe), Modena, and Parma. This region is world-renowned for its Parma Ham, Parmesan Cheese, and Balsamic Vinegar to name just a few foods. It also is the home for the Ferrari, Maserati and Lamborghini auto industry.

Trip Information