Salisbury Workshop

“The first Salisbury Cathedral was completed at Old Sarum in 1092 under Osmund, the first Bishop of Salisbury. The Domesday Book is thought to have been presented to William the Conqueror at Old Sarum a few years earlier, in 1086. Disputes with the military and scarce water supplies led to an alternative location being sought and in 1220 a new site for the Cathedral was consecrated at New Sarum.” This amazing and beautiful Cathedral is located in Wiltshire, England and was the inspiration for many books throughout the ages, notably Ken Follett’s two books PILLARS OF THE EARTH, WORLD WITHOUT END, and SARUM by Edward Rutherford. It is one of the most beautiful examples of Gothic architecture I have ever seen. The arches seen in Gothic churches inspired this project.

Components are made with variations of peyote and chenille chain.

Two-Day Workshop
Intermediate to Advanced